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So itbonly has the starting tones for hbfs not the alt tones.


Is very good app you might download right now. :)


Honestly! This game or whatever is so old. But WOW! I love it the way the best is the work it just everything about it I loven


The app almost never opens I covered by ads and doesnt make sound

needs to be fixed

it keeps crashing , this app needs to be fixed!

Needs update

Crashes on the iPad. Not worth the time even if free!

Very cool and elegant but...

The ad banner at the bottom kind of ruins it. Too bad.

Shuts down

The app opens and 5 seconds after it shuts down My cuzin can open but it doesnt say open

Needs to be fixed

The app comes up but nothing loads.

I pad

Does not work for iPad Works for iPhone

It doesnt make any sounds

That is bad one of my friends had it and she liked it but on iPod now it doesnt make any sounds

Works Like Told

Works very good on iPhone


As soon as I open it it closes. Waste of time!!!!!!


This app stinks, it never opens and I updated it n it still dont work

NO your wrong...

you have to update your IPod twice or It will never work

Not bad

Decent app that shows off the usefulness of the iPad for soundboards. Would love to see a pitch bend control though.

No sound

No sound. Waste of time.

Bunch of bull crap

Why dont these pussey cats get their heads out of their butt and make an app that actually works THIS APP IS THE WORST APP IVE EVER USED DOSENT EVEAN WORK ITS A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Sound

i ve heRD THIS ON OTHER IPODS AND ITS COOL it just doesnt work on mine for some reason THERES NO SOUND!!!

Harder, faster...

Awesome! Works great on my phone.