Harder Better Faster Stronger app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 2604 ratings )
Music Entertainment
Developer: The App Boutique
Current version: 1.3.5, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 16 Jul 2010
App size: 3.9 Mb

Pros and cons of Harder Better Faster Stronger app for iPhone and iPad

Harder Better Faster Stronger app good for

Honestly! This game or whatever is so old. But WOW! I love it the way the best is the work it just everything about it I loven
The app opens and 5 seconds after it shuts down My cuzin can open but it doesnt say open
Its a fun simple little app. It would be nice though if we could have an option to have a looping beat in the background that the samples were played overtop of. Other than this, its a fantastic app with the buttons in just the right place and the right look and feel.
Simple but fun. For free what can you expect. Mine has sound, Idk if they are on iPhone or iPod. If you are on ipad, if you updated to 4.2.1, see if you have it muted with the past orientation switch, that is now sound muting. But other than that, I like it. If you like daft punk, check it out Fun to hear them and mix the words. Lol my bro never heard daft punk and thought it was someone making fun of the black eyed peas, I was like wut?
This app is so much fun! I dont think that it ever gets boring. ENDLESS COMBINATIONS!
This game is just wow.. I mean usually dont review apps but this one is just plain unique and creative, loved the concept and i love daft punk. I will give this a five star if you could add some beats to Allow the user to create a little fun remix.

Some bad moments

So itbonly has the starting tones for hbfs not the alt tones.
The app almost never opens I covered by ads and doesnt make sound
That is bad one of my friends had it and she liked it but on iPod now it doesnt make any sounds
This app stinks, it never opens and I updated it n it still dont work
Decent app that shows off the usefulness of the iPad for soundboards. Would love to see a pitch bend control though.
Why dont these pussey cats get their heads out of their butt and make an app that actually works THIS APP IS THE WORST APP IVE EVER USED DOSENT EVEAN WORK ITS A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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fasten, draft punk, draftpunk, and other. So, download free Harder Better Faster Stronger .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.